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DIY: 10 shots to take before leaving the hospital!

DIY:  10 shots to take before you leave the hospital

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This guide outlines the special moments worth capturing during your baby’s first few days of life.

From their teeny toes to their perfect little nose, your baby is magnificent. Mama, you made this baby. You birthed this baby. You are extraordinary.

One of the most compelling stories you’ll ever tell is the day your child was born.
Unfortunately, these moments happen so quickly that it can all be a bit of a blur. Pictures become reminders of your newborn’s entrance into the world. They are also proof of your incredible strength and unconditional love. Having photos to look back on during this time is priceless and something you’ll treasure forever. 

A few helpful tips: 

  • Print out this guide and pack it in your hospital bag. Then, when the big day comes, you’re ready. Simply pull out the guide and snap away!
  • Designate who will be on camera duty. If you aren't able to hire an amazing birth photographer, I recommend asking a loved one so you can be fully present in the moment. If it’s your spouse, make sure to delegate some camera time to others (friends, nurses, etc.). You’ll want lots of photos with your whole family also.
  • Ensure your memory card and phone storage have ample space before going to the hospital.
  • When taking photos remember; you can delete pictures you don’t want, but you can’t go back and recapture a moment. Don’t worry about perfection. Your baby is already perfect enough.

I’ll be sending some additional emails with helpful tips over the next few days – so keep an eye out for
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